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    Lessons not Learned


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    Lessons not Learned

    Post by dleet on Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:46 am

    UN Diplomat says the obvious Reagan used jihadists as if they were contractors. Mujahadeen then became alQaeda and then they did 9/11 and then became ISIL. Then we hire some more radical terrorists just like Reagan, to start a civil war in Syria because we don't do so good at regime change, and those guys we hire do kill women and kids whenever and we know that.
    The PNAC was created because the cold war died and there was no purpose or justification for all of the police state impositions and institutions since the main fear was gone. Giving legitimacy to radical terrorists within the Islamic faith was perfect.  America ruled the world under the cold war threats and resolution, and that was from 1945 to  the 1989 Berlin wall's demise. Then calm and peace until the SCOTUS, 2000, 2001, 9/11, the American century started.

    One twist I want to mention. Bill Clinton outlawed lynching, maybe that's why he is hated in the south and on the right in some circles. "Stand Your Ground" laws and "He didn't follow orders" allows lynching with a gun. Prison labor,  where 60% of prison population is black shows that plantations have no shelf life in America. Today, those unarmed innocent's being slaughtered by the police, like Tamir Rice and MN, and LA, and OK, and Eric Garner, must be what were called freed slaves in the day, or were misunderstood by bounty hunters seeking to round up escaped slaves, to return to the plantation, I mean prison, because all Blacks are criminals, I mean slaves.
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    Re: Lessons not Learned

    Post by Ren's View on Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:20 am

    Is Liz Wheeler a robot?  All that moves is her mouth.  Occasionally she blinks.  Someone could have programmed that into the robot.

    What's happening there does not fit well into a management mentality.  There is no linear line of logic to explain a geometric expansion of disconnected groups responding emotionally outside the logic of hierarchical paradigms. It's not easy to manage chaos with simple-minded tweeter tropes. So if it has to be managed, the only seeming option is to turn to violence.  I.e., bullying. And who wants to try to make sense of it from the generally disconnected coverage of liberal journalists?  So some will vote for Trump, because he doesn't try to make sense of it.  He responds with inarticulate emotional bullying and he makes them feel like they are legitimate in their own nonsensical responses to, well, non sense.

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