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    21st Century Parables


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    21st Century Parables

    Post by dleet on Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:41 am

    Aesop had fables, religious folks do too. Young Adult readers are the most promising venue for hope and solutions to many problems that Ren and I have brought up for discussion. Parables do have a clarity that requires little deep thought. I have written a few but I didn't save them because I was just musing. So I just posted one on youtube and want to save it, if it is worth saving (I dunno).
    When you see a sign that says WET PAINT, do you always touch it, mar the finish, and get paint on your clothes and fingers? Actions which ultimately cost you even more due to being late for your next appointment as you clean up the  mess because you doubted the obvious?

    The moral?  Ignorance causes others to suffer too, or Ignorance and Blowback are secret lovers. Many more of their fellow Ignoramuses are coming out of the closet about their illicit affairs with Blowbacks. Blowbacks have always been a part of the country but kept in the cellar like Steve Martin's Ruprecht character in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Anyhow, I think Ignorance and Blowbacks ought to be recognized across the country, but that's just me.

    Is that a parable or a fable? Should I have used Skittles in the tale? (just wondering fits here, too)
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    Re: 21st Century Parables

    Post by Ren's View on Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:52 am

    Well, 'fable' has traditionally been a literary genre.  Orwell's Animal Farm could fit the genre, a genre that tends to feature animals, legendary creatures, plants and other forces of nature, within a story that leads to a "moral" lesson.  'Parables' may not necessarily be the same as fables, though they share some of the same figurative characteristics.  A parable is usually more succinct and more obviously a teaching device than a parable, to me at least.  I think the term "didactic" is often applied a parable.  Whereas I think of a fable as a story that engages my imagination and draws out my subconscious interpretation of the story through that engagement.

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