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    Hope In Dark Times

    Post by Ren's View on Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:04 am

    Rebecca Solnit on Hope in Dark Times, Resisting the Defeatism of Easy Despair, and What Victory Really Means for Movements of Social Change

    Rebecca Solnit wrote:
    This is an extraordinary time full of vital, transformative movements that could not be foreseen. It’s also a nightmarish time. Full engagement requires the ability to perceive both.

    Another wonderful exploration into our depths of being by Rebecca Solnit.  Seems to speak towards the spirit I'm trying to invoke with "watching apocalypse."

    Maria Popova wrote:
    “There is no love of life without despair of life,”
    wrote Albert Camus — a man who in the midst of World War II, perhaps the darkest period in human history, saw grounds for luminous hope and issued a remarkable clarion call for humanity to rise to its highest potential on those grounds. It was his way of honoring the same duality that artist Maira Kalman would capture nearly a century later in her marvelous meditation on the pursuit of happiness, where she observed: “We hope. We despair. We hope. We despair. That is what governs us. We have a bipolar system.”

    Just want to note that, though I deeply appreciate Maria's sensitivity with thoughts in the article, we are making history at this moment.  With that in mind, a caveat: WWII may have been the "darkest" period at that point when Camus wrote those words, but we may well be in entering a darker period now.

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