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    Ecological Succession

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    Ecological Succession

    Post by Ren's View on Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:36 am

    Ecological succession is the gradual process by which ecosystems change and develop over time. Nothing remains the same and habitats are constantly changing.
    There are two main types of succession, primary and secondary.

    Primary succession is the series of community changes which occur on an entirely new habitat which has never been colonized before. For example, a newly quarried rock face or sand dunes.

    Secondary succession is the series of community changes which take place on a previously colonized, but disturbed or damaged habitat. For example, after felling trees in a woodland, land clearance or a fire.

    In order to understand succession, it is necessary to clearly understand the difference between these four terms:

    • Habitat

    • Population

    • Community

    • Ecosystem

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